COVID-19 Safety Protocol



Dear customers,

We give you some precautions Salento Residence & Suite is carring out in order to guarantee you a safe and relaxed stay in our structure.


  • Our staff is constantly formed and provided with personal protective equipment according to the related task
  • Every staff member’s body temperature is measured right before every shift starts
  • All inside the structure, sanitizing gel dispensers are available, as well as signs indicating small standards of behavior, to be adopted for a fruitful collaboration
  • The common areas are sanitized frequently, with particular attention to the elements of greatest contact (eg handles, handrails …)
  • Tables and chairs in the common areas are properly outdistanced
  • Accomotations are suitably sanitaized after each departure
  • We use disinfection products based on sodium hypochlorite diluted 0.1% or with 70% ethyl alcohol
  • Keys, which will be kept by the customer during the entire stay, are sanitized at each check-out
  • All the objects given to the customer, are sanitized before and after each use
  • Air conditioning system filters are constantly monitored and cleaned
  • For payment procedures, electronic means are preferred


The effort we ask to our customers is translated into some precautions  that will help us all to experience a safe and peaceful vacation, in mutual cooperation:


  • Wear your mask in the reception and when mantaining at least one meter distance is not possible
  • Often sanitize you hands, above all before entering common areas and before and after using common toilets
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough
  • Instantly inform the staff in case of fever or flu-like symptoms
  • Avoid gatherings in common aereas, both inside and outside
  • Only 5 people at time can use the swimming pool
  • Right before using the pool, take an accurate shower
  • Use your own towel when sitting on sunbed cushions
  • Keep the keys with you during your stay
  • At the check-out, leave the windows open in order to air out the room, so that the housekeepers can safely get in the room

We give you some precautions we are carring out in order to guarantee you a safe and relaxed stay in our structure.

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