Le Cesine, National Nature Reserve and WWF Oasis waiting to be discovered

Le Cesine, National Nature Reserve and WWF Oasis waiting to be discovered

Those who decide to spend their holidays in Lecce cannot miss this earthly paradise where rare and wonderful animals nest and where some of the most beautiful and rare plant species exist.

A few kilometres from the Salento capital and very close to the San Cataldo pine forest is an amazing area of natural beauty which, in 1979, became a WWF Oasis and in 1980 was declared a National Nature Reserve. The last surviving stretch of a vast coastal marsh that extended from Brindisi to Otranto, the Oasis of Le Cesine was a marshland area considered unhealthy and harmful to crops which consequently affected productivity. At the end of the 19th century, the intense and laborious marsh reclamation works began to provide arable and fertile land.

Today this 380-hectare nature site, the most important in southern Italy, is recognised as a special protection area due to the numerous animal species that nest throughout the year, and a site of community interest due to the animal and plant species present.

The extraordinary landscape of Le Cesine consists of dunes, Mediterranean scrub, mixed woodland, drainage channels and marsh area. An amazing landscape where you can spend a day immersed in nature, take long walks and observe the magnificent animal species that populate it.

There are thousands of animals that live in the reserve and they can be admired throughout the year thanks to the WWF guides. The visit lasts approximately two hours and takes place on foot or by bicycle through easy routes, accessible to all, which leads to the observation towers through the woods and Mediterranean scrub. Eden for photographers and bird watchers, this surprisingly beautiful location is also loved by children.

A couple of kilometres from the wonderful Oasis of Le Cesine is the welcoming and elegant Salento Residence & Suite, equipped with everything you need. Spend your holiday between the sea and unspoiled nature. We look forward to seeing you!

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